move, MW-Racing and P1 Fuels successfully winning 2023 NitrOlympX with Green Methanol

On the 2023 NitrOlympX, move demonstrated the power of green methanol by collaborating with leading motorsport and fuel firms. Additionally, move’s hydrogen-powered dragster demonstrator attracted attention.

As the initiator and co-founder of the “Green Beast” project, move is taking care of the project coordination, technology selection and networking aspects of this game-changing intention. The project is all about making motorsport more sustainable by keeping the emotions of the sport of drag racing.

“The sport is all about combustion engines and the thrust, vibration and sounds these extraordinary machines are producing. For sure, we can build an electric dragster, but we as a team decided to stick with combustion engines to maintain the emotions the spectators all over the world want to see during the events. But we’re going to make the engines green: powered by green and sustainable fuels with zero local CO2 emissions.”, says Dr. Jörn Seebode, Managing Director of move.

On the 2023 NitrOlympX, held from August 25th to August 27th 2023 on the Hockenheimring in Germany, move and the Green Beast team showed the first step in making drag racing more sustainable: the race car of MW-Racing was powered by Green Methanol supplied by P1 Fuels. This was the first time worldwide a drag racing car was powered by this green fuel. And Michael Winter, the pilot of the Green Beast, was able to win the competition in the class “Competition Eliminator” with the time of 6.6 seconds for the standing quarter mile.

In 2024, the consortia plans to race with the world’s first hydrogen-powered dragster. The concept is to run with a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine based on the current race engine. Coordinated by move, the team is currently forming around these ambitious plans. As a first teaser, the Green Beast team showed a hydrogen dragster demonstrator on the 2023 NitrOlympX already. This demonstrator already gave an outlook on the promising architecture containing key components from LSE (circular-shaped hydrogen tank), Poppe + Potthoff (valves and piping), Wagner Tuning (air cooler), Argo-Anleg (tank, valves and controllers).

The team is now continue working on the realization of the hydrogen dragster and is searching for further technology partners as well as sponsors to make this game changer reality.

About move technology

The German move technology is specialized in enabling and implementing high-tech projects in complex partner constellations. The focus is on sustainable clean energy & hydrogen solutions, green mobility, innovative products and technologies, as well as digitization and strategy development in various industries. In particular, move is focusing their activities on international markets such as North America, Southern Africa, Western Europe and Australia.

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