The main activities of our company are: 

1) Strategy development, 2) Market access support, 3) Project development, 4) ConsultingPLUS and 5) Own products and spin-offs

Our holistic approach can be applied to all technologies. However, we specialize in international projects along the green energy and green mobility value chain. In addition to service solutions for our customers, we also work on our own product solutions in the field of sustainability.

People are at the center of our activities. 

We have made it our mission to meet their needs.

A friendly, respectful, calm and courteous approach to our customers is our top priority. 

While respecting human dignity and individuality and regardless of the customer’s social status, our company strives to provide the best possible advice and supply them with the products they need. In order to achieve this, we rely on recognized and well-founded offers and services, in the handling of which we have acquired special skills through qualification measures. 

Our employees represent our company positively to the public through their personal appearance and their behavior towards customers and other contacts.

We work in a cost-conscious and success-oriented manner and have a wide range of modern equipment at our disposal. Reliability and full compliance with legal regulations, occupational safety and environmentally friendly working practices are the basis of our work.

On the basis of sound scientific knowledge, we use modern technology to ensure that customer requirements are met in full. An important goal of our company is the permanent improvement of our services through the use of quality management and continuous training and further education. We actively contribute our competence and expertise by providing advice and information.

We work constructively with our partners and adapt flexibly to social requirements. We work independently as a team in our respective areas of work and responsibility. Transparency, collegiality, openness and humanity are management principles. Each of our employees makes an important contribution to the overall result of our company with their work. We cultivate an internal customer philosophy, which means that everyone also regards every colleague within the company as a customer. Only this approach makes a positive external customer orientation fully possible – the internal has an external effect.

Our goals are satisfied customers and employees, social recognition and our own success on the basis of serving society in a positive sense.

Your management

Tom George & Dr. Jörn Seebode

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