At top speed to the optimal micro-grid

We have developed a fast simulation and optimization process for independent energy systems, so-called micro-grids.

HyGrid combines a tool-supported design environment, our technological expertise and the move technology supplier network. This enables us to design energy systems precisely to your requirement profiles in a short space of time. This works for stand-alone and grid-connected systems, with and without hydrogen production and reconversion, as well as with and without hydrogen refueling stations (HRS).

Freely selectable optimization parameters can be used to optimize acquisition costs (CAPEX), operating costs (OPEX), total costs (TOTEX, TCO), various performance parameters or degrees of self-sufficiency, for example.

move technology HyGrid
Whether you need an independent power supply for a manufacturing company, a farm or an entire community – our experienced experts will deliver your personalized construction plan.

With the help of our process-based design methodology HyGrid and specially developed software tools, a wide variety of configurations can be designed: renewable power generation using solar or wind, battery storage, electrolysers, hydrogen storage, reconversion into electricity using fuel cells.

We can even simulate entire hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) for you in line with your needs and future requirements and compare them in scenarios.

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