Our innovative and digital products for e-bikes conjure up tears of joy under your helmet!

Under the Vizerion label, we develop future-proof products (not only) for the new generation of bikers. We are currently developing three products that are linked to each other via cloud functionalities.

As is so often the case with our products, hydrogen also plays a role here. Training is another important part of professional and semi-professional motorsport. We enable 24/7 training at any time of the year!

Roarius will revolutionize the world of electric motorcycles! With the help of hydrogen, the range is significantly extended!

Due to the restrictive packaging of motorcycles, as well as high demands on weight and drivability, the scope for integrating sufficiently large batteries is limited. Added to this are unpredictable routes and a range that is difficult to predict due to changing surfaces, particularly in the off-road sector.

Roarius schafft hier Abhilfe durch die intelligente Kombination von zukunftsweisendem elektrischen Antrieb, Wasserstoff und CloudFunktionalitäten – CO2-neutral, nachfühlbar und sicher!

Visualization of the Roarius concept

We call Invictron the world’s first 4D training device for motorcycles.
Invictron is always ready for a ride: not only at any time of day or night, but also at any time of year. A game changer!

Even when it’s cold and snowy outside, with Invictron we offer the opportunity to ride an e-bike as far as you want. With our innovative actuator technology, we reproduce realistic movements and vibrations for the rider, inventing a completely new training concept.

In combination with the Vizerion Infinity Cloud, real routes can be ridden and all relevant bike parameters can be recorded and evaluated after the ride.

Together with suitable wearable technology, even body parameters can be recorded and overlaid with the vehicle data. The targeted evaluation thus sustainably improves the rider’s performance.

One of our first virtual prototypes of Invictron, which forms the basis for our simulations.
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