Re-branding and company updates

move was founded in January 2022 with a clear mission: bringing together the right people for the right projects to enable innovative technology. In the recent months move has been working to fine-tune their mission and tailor it to the market needs. Their value proposition is to accompany the realization of high-tech projects in customized cooperation scenarios. move calls this co-creation.

move’s deliverables start with consulting, workshops, strategy development, continue with project coordination, project management and levels up to financing mediation, business model development and international market entry programs. Co-creation is the business core and scaling foundation for move.

During this process, it became clear, that technology is move’s DNA and the root for all their businesses. move is now taking this into account and bringing “technology” into their company name.

From now on the company’s official name is move technology GmbH.

To give it a proper frame, move worked together with leading brand designers and also redesigned their corporate identity and logo.

move’s international footprint and global business development excellence will remain.
However, based on intensified partnerships with companies from the German state of Saxony, move has decided to relocate their headquarters to Saxony.
The new company address is: Technologie-Campus 1, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany

Further changes were made to bank details, legal information, web address and mail addresses.

The new company data at a glance:

move technology GmbH

Technologie-Campus 1
09126 Chemnitz



HRB 35838, Amtsgericht Chemnitz

About move technology

The German move technology is specialized in enabling and implementing high-tech projects in complex partner constellations. The focus is on sustainable & clean energy and mobility solutions, innovative products and technologies, as well as digitization and strategy development in various industries. In particular, move is focusing their activities on international markets such as North America, Southern Africa, Western Europe and Australia.

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