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EV fast charging infrastructure planning

USA: Consulting on the homologation of sports cars

Southern Africa: Company strategy for hydrogen products

Technological co-creation of hydrogen ecosystems

Market analysis for automotive lightweight design

Australia: Consortium lead for combined hydrogen ecosystem with wastewater treatment

Central Africa: Business models and building a partner network for hydrogen projects

Study on new technology for logistics concepts

Blockchain: Strategy consulting and market entry support

Sales cooperation for software solutions in the decentralized energy sector

Business model for a hydrogen platform

Sales cooperation for hydrogen products

Canada: Business models and building a partner network for hydrogen projects

Hydrogen: Product and market strategy for international market entry

Technology concept for hydrogen combustion and marketing concept

Market analysis for fuel cells for decentralized energy supply

Project management consulting

Strategy consulting for new markets and international sales for digital platform operators

Southeast Asia: Innovation strategy for sustainable cities

Strategy and sales consulting for high-efficiency electrolyzers

Investor brokerage for hydrogen products

Business model, investor brokerage and sales for digital platform

Strategy consulting for hydrogen products

Market strategy for alternative fuels

Additional project experiences

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Hydrogen mining trucks

Concept development and specification of use cases

Hydrogen trucks and buses

Company development, brand development and marketing

Conversion of electric buses

Business model development and management of series development

Maritime applications

Strategic orientation and business development in international markets

Concepts for future trucks

Ideation based on market needs, collaborative development of powertrains, autonomous driving & connectivity

Innovative engine development

Project management for high technologies in combustion engines, variabilities, energy management, calibration and exhaust aftertreatment

Business development for construction machinery

International business development for sustainable sales and profit growth for engineering projects

International business development and sales

Business development in global structures, focused on North & South America, Europe and Asia

Technology studies for commercial vehicles

Studies on future technologies and potential use cases
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