How we are bringing hydrogen to South Africa

In this project, we developed the hydrogen strategy for our South African customer.

The African continent and its inhabitants are facing great future opportunities and growth potential, but also challenges, particularly in the energy sector.

The aim was to transform the company’s existing capabilities into future-proof products, delivery volumes and markets. Using our process-based approach, we went through an analysis phase of the customer and the local boundary conditions, built up relevant hydrogen knowledge within the company and then identified suitable future products. Business models were developed for prioritized products and transferred into a roadmap.

The upcoming implementation of the projects is now being intensively supported by move technology with technological and procedural advice, as well as the formation of the right consortia.

How we are bringing technology into new fields of application

In this project, we opened doors to new business for our customer by developing technology, market and organizational structures in close collaboration.

Specifically, our customer manufactures components for combustion engines. Due to the decline in demand and the transition to CO2-neutral drive technologies, there was a need to evaluate and strategically develop new markets, application and technology fields.

We carefully evaluated the potential of battery electric drives, fuel cells, but also combustion engine drives with hydrogen, its derivatives and SynFuels, and worked out how our customer’s capabilities and unique selling points could be transferred to these new technologies. Furthermore, new technological fields and products were developed and technologically pre-developed on the basis of specific gaps in the market. We developed the market strategy on the basis of our international network.

In this way, we were able to open up new technological fields for our customers and show them ways to a profitable future and think ahead together. Implementation is now taking place in close cooperation between move technology and our customer – the organizational structures are also being put to the test in this process.

How we are giving e-mobility a boost

An important point for the success of the mobility transition is the development of a solid fast-charging network with a charging capacity of over 100 kW. When electric vehicles can be fully charged while traveling, shopping or on a lunch break, there is a tangible customer benefit.

move technology has developed a process to define the right charging points based on satellite information and other parameters, such as frequency of use. By applying specific future scenarios, the attractiveness of a location can also be predicted.

We have developed a strategic charging infrastructure plan for our client in southern Germany, which is now being implemented.

How we are making new cars fit for new markets

In this project, our customer wanted to register a newly developed vehicle in the North American market for their first time. With our experience in the automotive industry and in North America, we were able to provide support in the right places.

In this project, move technology developed scenarios for approval in the USA. Together with local partners, we were able to identify regulatory peculiarities for the relevant vehicle type and identified possible solutions.

In this way, we enabled our customer to carry out risk assessments, plan costs for homologation and even develop common part strategies for different approval markets.

How we are making motorsport CO2-neutral

We are proud to be a co-founder of the “Green Beast” project.
A quarter-mile dragster with more than 3,000 hp is being converted to green and fossil-free fuels. In this way, we are making one of the most extreme forms of motorsport more environmentally and climate-friendly.

move is coordinating the project, evaluating the suitability of technologies, identifying and solving technological weaknesses and finally selecting the right key components and partners.
We work through two project phases:

2023: Green Methanol
–> successful on NitrOlympX 2023

2024: Green Hydrogen

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