move technology joins the H2 apply industry network

move technology is now an official partner of the H2 apply innovation network. H2 apply promotes the development and implementation of sustainable, decentralized energy supply solutions using green hydrogen for the manufacturing industry. The network aims to establish CO2-neutral production concepts, increase independence from centralized power supply and promote the use of hydrogen as a key energy source.

H2 apply is divided into several fields of action, including

  • Technology
    Development of new technologies for the production and use of hydrogen.
  • Components
    Optimization of system components to improve the efficiency and longevity of hydrogen systems.
  • Plant construction
    Development of systems for decentralized energy supply.

As a new member, move technology will actively contribute to the realization of these visions and develop innovative technologies for the efficient use of hydrogen. This underlines the company’s commitment to sustainable and future-oriented energy solutions.

About move technology GmbH

move technology is an innovative consulting and product development company in the field of green tech and mobility. The company supports its customers in challenging times and in high- tech projects. The range of services includes comprehensive consulting, project development and implementation for sustainable mobility, transport and energy solutions, as well as simulation and digitalization solutions. Specialties include the market readiness of innovative technologies and hydrogen projects in an international context. Customers are supported throughout the entire product process, from conceptualization to market launch. move technology develops its own products and scales them worldwide with partners.

move technology contributes to global CO2 reduction by developing and implementing sustainable mobility and energy solutions. Hydrogen technology and green projects help companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and accelerate the transition to more environmentally friendly energies.

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