Analyses & studies

The turning point we are currently facing is deeper and more intense than many before it. Self-driving cars, renewable energy systems and artificial intelligence are no longer the “future”. But how do these drivers affect your business?
We bring light into the darkness!

What you only get with us

  • Deep technological understanding
  • Extensive domain knowledge
  • Access to our established international network

Technology scouting

move technology has established its own technology scouting. We continuously screen the markets for drivers, boundary conditions and the resulting technologies. In this way, we also find gaps in the market that need to be filled.

Market analyses

Whether hydrogen technology, mobility, work machines or digital products: we bring our domain knowledge to bear in our market analyses and thus draw the right conclusions.

Are you planning to expand your business abroad? With our established international network and our understanding of the market and technology, we will take the first step with you.

Feasibility studies

We validate product ideas with feasibility studies. Process-related methods such as qualified interviews also provide valid market feedback and help to sharpen market analyses.

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