move technology presents the Hydrogen Galaxy – A revolution in the hydrogen sector through artificial intelligence

move technology, a leading innovator in the technology industry, announced the launch of its latest platform on April 18, 2024: the Hydrogen Galaxy ( This new AI-powered ecosystem serves as a comprehensive resource for all things hydrogen.

Hydrogen Galaxy represents a groundbreaking innovation by providing validated knowledge about hydrogen technologies, markets and applications in a user-friendly way. At the heart of the platform is the “HydroCompanion”, an AI that not only makes in-depth knowledge accessible, but also provides the sources of each piece of information directly – a truly unique selling point.

Features of the Hydrogen Galaxy:
  • HydroCompanion: AI-based knowledge access to valid information
  • Nano-Learnings: Short training courses specially developed by move technology that inform users about exciting hydrogen topics in an interactive way in just 5-10 minutes.
  • Expert access: Users can book real experts for personal consultations to get deeper insights and individual solutions.
  • Hydrogen calendar: A tool that centralizes important dates and events in the hydrogen industry.
  • Multimedia content: The platform offers a variety of media formats, from videos to interactive graphics, to facilitate learning and discovery.
  • Training portal: A collection of training programs created in collaboration with various partners to impart a wide range of knowledge and skills.
  • Funding advice: A service to help users identify and apply for funding opportunities for hydrogen-related projects.
Accessibility and pricing models:

Hydrogen Galaxy offers a free version with access to basic features and content. For full functionality, including exclusive features and advanced resources, the Pro version is available for EUR 199 per month.

The Hydrogen Galaxy is available now and promises to be a one-stop-shop for industry, research and education in the field of hydrogen. Move Technology is proud to be actively shaping the future of hydrogen technology with this innovative platform.

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About move technology

move technology ( specializes in providing targeted support to companies in challenging times and in high-tech projects. Its focus is on the areas of business consulting and project development, the development of sustainable and green mobility and energy solutions, the market enablement of innovative technologies and the application of digitalization solutions. move technology supports its clients throughout the entire product development process: from technological and strategic consulting services, product and market definitions, product development to the international market launch of their products. Own products and spin-o;s are pre-developed internally by move technology and then scaled up with industrialization partners.

One of move technology’s specialties is enabling and implementing projects in complex and international partner constellations, particularly in North America, Southern Africa and Western Europe, in the fields of green mobility, green energy and hydrogen technology.

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