Launch of the “HyGrid” simulation methodology from move technology

move technology GmbH proudly announces the launch of its latest development: HyGrid, an innovative simulation methodology for customized energy systems that promises optimal efficiency at minimum total cost.

HyGrid combines advanced simulation techniques with move technology’s expertise and extensive network of suppliers to precisely design energy systems according to customers’ specific requirements. This system is unique in its ability to customize various optimization parameters such as acquisition costs (CAPEX), operating costs (OPEX), total costs (TOTEX, TCO) as well as various performance parameters and degrees of self-sufficiency.

Regardless of whether it is an autonomous power supply for production facilities, farms or municipal facilities, HyGrid offers a customized solution. The method makes it possible to simulate a variety of configurations – from renewable power generation using solar or wind technology to complex systems with battery storage, electrolysers, hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Even the planning and simulation of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) is part of HyGrid’s range of services.

With HyGrid, move technology is setting new standards in the energy sector. The methodology uses specially developed software tools that make it possible to evaluate a wide variety of system configurations and find the best solution for the customer.

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About move technology

move technology ( specializes in providing targeted support to companies in challenging times and in high-tech projects. Its focus is on the areas of business consulting and project development, the development of sustainable and green mobility and energy solutions, the market enablement of innovative technologies and the application of digitalization solutions. move technology supports its clients throughout the entire product development process: from technological and strategic consulting services, product and market definitions, product development to the international market launch of their products. Own products and spin-o;s are pre-developed internally by move technology and then scaled up with industrialization partners.

One of move technology’s specialties is enabling and implementing projects in complex and international partner constellations, particularly in North America, Southern Africa and Western Europe, in the fields of green mobility, green energy and hydrogen technology.

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