move consulting GmbH signed MoU for resilient energy supply to increase food production of Namibian farms

The country of Namibia is facing severe challenges: energy & water security, sufficient food production for the local population as well as sustainable job opportunities and adequate education for upcoming technologies.

Current initiatives of the government as well as multi-billion USD hydrogen projects are addressing these topics in the large-scale. The project “RE/Farming_NAM” of move and their partners focusses on smaller scale applications, but with immediate impact for the population.

The now signed Memorandum of Understanding between the project partners H2WS Energy Namibia Pty Ltd., move consulting GmbH, VIADUCT TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, CHT – Chemnitzer Haustechnik GmbH, GrünHaus GmbH and Albrechtshöhe Guest Farm remarks the starting point for the project “RE/Farming NAM”.

Scope of the project is to develop a modular technology stack to realize an independent and resilient energy supply (micro-grid) for farms. The system shall consist of Agri PV for green energy production, battery storage, electrolysis, and hydrogen storage for green hydrogen production as well as fuel cell technology for reconversion of hydrogen to electrical power. The energy system powers an optimized irrigation system to increase the vegetable and fruit production. Using Agri PV and greenhouses the productivity will be increase further. Innovative wastewater treatment and water re-use will improve the overall energy demand of the farm. Additionally, the system can be used for tailored education of staff especially in the field of new technologies and hydrogen. This will be supported by digital learning approaches.

This integrated approach is targeted to result in a higher food production and therefore food security, energy security and addresses the topics of education and sustainable job creation in rural areas, which all are direct improvements for the local population.

The first project phase will focus on the concept creation and the security of funding. In the second phase, the system will be detailed and installed as a pilot plant on Albrechtshöhe Guest Farm. Additionally, a business plan to multiply the concept to other farms in Namibia and Southern Africa will be developed. Phase three then will scale the integrated system as a modular approach to other farms.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed under witness of Martin Dulig, State Minister for Economics, Labor and Transportation of the Free State of Saxony of Germany, Alfred Sikopo, Director of Farms of the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Abraham Hangula, Deputy Director of Energy Planning and Research of the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy, Mahevo Kadhepa, Investment Manager for Infrastructure and Utilities of the Development Bank of Namibia and Thomas Horn, CEO of Saxony Trade and Invest.

Picture: SMWA / Kristin Schmidt

About move consulting

The German move consulting is a company specialized in enabling international businesses and high-tech projects. Their focus areas are lying in the fields of sustainable & clean energy solutions, innovative products and technologies as well as digitization and strategy development in various sectors.

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