move technology expands office space at Chemnitz site

After move technology relocated its headquarters to Chemnitz in summer 2023, additional office space was successively rented.

Back in October 2023, the company rented a further 50 square meters at the Technologie-Campus and set up a mixed office and collaboration/workshop area. In March this year, move technology acquired further premises with a total of another 50 square meters of space.

“We are delighted to be able to support move technology’s steady growth with these additional leases in the Technologie-Campus. We now have sufficient and flexible space for our employees, as well as for the employment of additional staff to support our projects,” says Tom George, Managing Director of move technology.

About move technology GmbH

move technology ( specializes in providing targeted support to companies in challenging times and in high-tech projects. Its focus is on the areas of business consulting and project development, the development of sustainable and green mobility and energy solutions, the market enablement of innovative technologies and the application of digitalization solutions. move technology supports its clients throughout the entire product development process: from technological and strategic consulting services, product and market definitions, product development to the international market launch of their products. Own products and spin-offs are pre-developed internally by move technology and then scaled up with industrialization partners.

One of move technology’s specialties is enabling and implementing projects in complex and international partner constellations, particularly in North America, Southern Africa and Western Europe, in the fields of green mobility, green energy and hydrogen technology.

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