Delegation trip to South Africa & Namibia

Move had the chance to gain deeper insights into the boundary conditions and to further expand the local network during our participation on a recent delegation trip to South Africa and Namibia.

South Africa is in a deep energy crisis and is vehemently looking for suitable solutions – this becomes even more clear with every visit and time progressing. But: this is also a massive chance for innovative companies looking for questions which can be solved with their products or expertise. Here we’re talking especially about renewable energy, hydrogen and other sustainable energy carriers, such as ammonia. Hydrogen used in a diverse technology setup will play a major role for value creation with local jobs. The lack of jobs is one of the big challenges, the country of South Africa is facing at the moment. Creating jobs in a sustainable way is one of the mainsprings for our engagement in this region.

Namibia on the other side, due to its geographical location, holds huge potential for generating large quantities of green hydrogen and other renewable fuels, such as ammonia, methanol or e-fuels. An absolutely mind-blowing example is the Hyphen project. 5 GW of renewable energy. 300,000 tons of hydrogen per year. 1,700,000 tons of ammonia per year. It was not only this project that move was able to gain deeper insights into during the delegation trip.

Through numerous discussions, the foundation for potential innovation projects was intensified.

Many thanks to Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)Germany Trade & Invest and the SA-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the great organization and all the insights.

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