After a several years in large companies and groups in the automotive sector, the founders of move decided to facilitate their strengths and their global network to bring innovations alive and make them reality. Especially in regions, where they are urgently needed!

Combining their talents and experiences in strategy ideation and implementation, management of complex projects and organisations, open-minded engineering of green energy and mobility solutions, as well as successful and growth-oriented international business development, the move management founded an inspiring working environment for the move team.

The founders and managing directors of move:
Tom George (left) and Dr. Jörn Seebode (right)

Dr. Jörn Seebode

Building up businesses from scratch, world-leading global commercial vehicle network

Trucks & busses, mobile machines, construction, agriculture, energy systems, hydrogen combustion, fuel cells, synthetic fuels, methanol

Europe, USA, Japan, China, South Africa, SE-Asia, Australia, South America

Approx. 100 national & international lectures, papers & speeches

Tom George

Combining technical understanding with project management and marketing skills to enable growth

Trucks & busses, mining, maritime, energy systems, hydrogen combustion, fuel cells, batteries

Europe, USA, Canada, Southern & Eastern Africa, Australia

Approx. 50 international lectures, papers & speeches