Our clients are invented absolute high-tech in the fields of sustainability, energy, water and digital.
We are supporting our clients to find and broker investors and to configure pilot projects (with or without public funding) on an international stage.

Currently we’re supporting the entrepreneurs of the following innovations:


Innovative & digital products for electric bikes (EDB)
TRL 4 / B seed

Low-budget electric car (SMS)
TRL 7 / C seed

Hydrogen power generation in remote areas (HPG)
TRL 6 / B seed

Mobile zero emission power units (MPU)
TRL 7 / B seed

Modular & scalable hydrogen transport system (HYT)
TRL 4 / B seed

New highest density hydrogen storage (WSS)
TRL 4 / B seed

Safe and most compact hydrogen power pack (DSH)
TRL 8 / B plus seed

Hydrogen-powered long-haul trucks (KLH)
TRL 7 / C seed

Hydrogen-powered city busses (KCB)
TRL 7 / C seed

Hydrogen-powered mining equipment (KMT)
TRL 5 / B seed

Green methanol fuel for heavy equipment & GenSets (GAN)
TRL 6 / B seed

Water & food

Wastewater treatment with bioreactors (WWT)
TRL 9 / C seed

Wastewater treatment for micro breweries (WWB)
TRL 9 / B seed

Green energy piggery farm in Namibia (NPF)
TRL 9 / B seed

Independent energy and water supply for farms (SEF)
TRL 9 / B seed

Digital solutions

Hydrogen training & marketplace platform (HBS)
TRL 4 / B seed

Health app for hypertension treatment (HYP)
TRL 8 / C seed

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